Preparedness Experts

Daniel Barnett, MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dan's work focuses on leveraging applied research to examining and enhancing public health preparedness systems’ readiness for disasters across the all-hazards continuum and across the disaster lifecycle. He directs the Preparedness Certificate program at Hopkins, where he conducts preparedness and other trainings for the public
health workforce.

George S. Everly, PhD


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Co-founder, International Critical Incident
Stress Foundation

George is one of the founding fathers of
the modern era of 
stress management and an internationally recognized pioneer

in the field of psychological trauma.
He has authored numerous books and research papers on psychological crisis intervention, disasters, mental heath and 

human resilience. 

Panagis 'Dr. G.' Galiatsatos, MD

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Physician, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 
Co-founder, Co-director,

Medicine for the Greater Good

Dr. G. is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive lung disease, tobacco cessation, and in the care of critically ill patients in the Medical ICU. Through his work in Baltimore City, he has tackled community health needs through collaborations and partnerships, implementing population health strategies, and creating educational programs for healthcare professionals to become physician citizens. His projects have impacted over 7,000 Baltimore City persons and over 150 healthcare professional learners.

Bridget R​. Wright

Community Health Educator
Office of Public Health 
Preparedness and Response, Baltimore City
Health Department

For more than ten years, Brid​get has served the citizens of Baltimore by working to ensure that its residents are prepared for any public health emergency. She​ spends most of her time outside of the office and in the community at events to spread preparedness information at schools, places of worship, senior centers, and other community spaces. She also teaches young children about the importance of hand-washing and partners with organizations to disseminate information and conducts preparedness workshops.